Promotional Water Bottles: How Can They Work As Promotional Items?

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It is difficult to remember when plastic water bottles were not available, whether in the gym, on the hiking trail, at sporting events, and within the park. Search in your kitchen cabinets and also you possibly have a single, its entire body imprinted with a company’s logo and contact info. That is because businesses have very long regarded multiple-use water bottles as excellent marketing items. But can they truly work?

At first look, the concept that a drink bottle might improve a company’s sales sounds zany. But tiny promo items do just that: provide a company’s info to as lots of individuals as possible, especially customers and decision makers at potential client companies, in the title of drumming up far more business. To find out whether a product is going to have its intended impact, it is better to check it out using the 4 criteria which predict the majority of items’ lack or success thereof: advertising space in regards to merchandise scale, usability, longevity and attractiveness.

Marketing Space

Promotional water bottles provide excellent advertising space in regards to merchandise scale, with their whole container part readily available for the logo of yours and contact info, enabling them being printed in more than a single spot so that they get observed from all angles. Along with containing effective advertising space, the bottles’ also provide fair visibility, being apparent from across the area, a characteristic which boosts the quantity of individuals that see the logo of yours.


The bottles’ usability is rather contextual, with hiking trips, trips to the gym, sporting events, road trips, and hikes in the park getting typical example of cases just where they are utilized. The sole issue, of course, would be that your bottles have to go in the hands of individuals that like reusable drink containers to pre packaged beverages. As a result of this particular concern, the containers project to get average usability.


The bottles’ appeal is strongly connected with the usability of theirs. If individuals do not like using them, then they have really no appeal. Because of their utilitarian perform and style, it is hard to spruce them up and cause them to become much more “appealing” than they’re within the very first place, making it better to talk to an experienced seller of advertising products about whether drink pots will be a great match for your company’s overall clientele and/or potential new customers.