So You Believe You've Bed Bugs? Here Is What You Have To Know

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1. I cannot possibly have bed bugs. I have not traveled anywhere that they may be found.

While it is true that the media has centered on vacationers picking up the small hitchhikers in hotel rooms, they have also been reported in several of probably the finest stores throughout the nation, public transit, movie theaters, as well as business buildings. And in case you have had a house guest recently, or maybe your kid resides in a college dormitory but came home for a trip, or maybe a family member had a stay in a hospital, all 3 have been reported as sources of potential exposure.

2. So If I’ve bed bugs, it should be an indication that my home isn’t fresh.

Even though this idea may cause you great embarrassment in case you are working with an infestation, it is absolutely not accurate. Bed bugs survive on blood. and hygiene has absolutely nothing to do with it. Only as they are able to be discovered in probably the finest (and presumably cleanest) hotels, they are able to also be found in the very best of homes too. However, it’s correct that clutter is able to add to the difficulty by producing welcoming nesting locations and hiding, therefore making it harder to exterminate them without getting help of a professional bed bug exterminator.

3. Bed bugs live in beds. And so in case I’ve these bugs, I will simply eliminate the affected mattresses and clean my bedding thoroughly.

In fact, which will not get rid of the issue? Bed bugs don’t control themselves to only the beds. They could live behind wall outlets, in light fixtures and telephones, in drawers and closets, drapes and carpets, within wallpaper seams, gaps in around the moldings of yours (baseboards are actually a popular location), and anywhere else. All they need is actually a gap the thickness of a credit card to infiltrate some aspect of the home of yours — although usually they’ll be located within ten to twenty feet of where their human hosts sleep or even remain for long stretches of time.